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The new TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 thermal transfer label printers from Etiquette are the ideal solution for any low-to-medium volume printing application. Offering maximum performance for the minimum of cost that Etiquette customers have come to expect, Etiquette desktop label printers are built to the highest standards of durability, reliability and quality. They really do offer the best value compared to any other desktop label printers in the world. Combine this with small printer footprints they are the perfect solution for customers requiring a space-saving printer for 4-inch wide labels, tags, receipts and other media.


Print speeds of up to 6 inches per second and a 200MHz 32-Bit RISC Processor means the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 label printers will vastly increase productivity. Additionally the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 printers have fast 'first label out' and no between label delays - even when taking advantage of internally scalable TrueType fonts.


The easy to use mechanism design means that media loading is fast and simple - ribbons can be changed and replaced by an operator with the minimum of effort to further increase end-user productivity. Coupled with reduced machine downtime due to the proven reliability of the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 Label Printers it is easy to see how businesses are increasing their production with the addition of Etiquette products to their workflow. Another advantage of Etiquette Label Printers is their ability to auto-switch between TSPL, ZPL® and EPL programming languages. This allows for emulation of Zebra® and Eltron® printer programming languages and further increases the productivity of your label printer.


Desktop Label Printers from Etiquette benefit from increased connectivity options. Internal Ethernet comes as a standard feature on the TC Series whereas rival printers in the desktop labelling market only offer this option at an extra cost. RS-232C, Centronics and USB 2.0 interfaces are also available to ensure that Etiquette printers integrate easily into existing printing systems. With increased connectivity comes increased storage capacities, meaning the Etiquette range of Desktop Printers can be shipped with an impressive 8MB SDRAM and 2MB Flash Memory - they even house an SD Card Slot for up to 4GB of additional storage!


The TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 Dektop Label Printer  is supplied complete with BarTender Lite® Professional Labelling Software. However if you wish to produce more advanced labels we recommend you purchase LabelDirect®  or LabelView® as this software provides more advanced features such as database management and enables you to import images and custom barcodes whilst seamlessly integrating into your current working environment. This software has been designed and developed specifically for the Etiquette Label Printer range it drives the printer 'directly' in native command language, is 100% WYSIWYG, and produces print performance that cannot be beaten.

The 4 inch Desktop Label printer range accepts a wide range of plain and printed labels.
Our range of 4 inch dektop label printers uses thermal transfer ribbon for maximum efficiency
Our compact label printers have a range of conncetivity options to best suit your needs




With the smallest footprint ever for a 4-inch desktop printer, the TC series easily fits into cramped workspaces without having to compromise on print speed or quality, producing labels of up to 203dpi.

Durable, reliable and fast, the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 generates 4 inch wide labels, tags or receipts at up to 6 Inches Per Second (IPS), offering a price-performance combination that is unmatched by other desktop thermal barcode printers on the market.

The TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 series comes complete with fully adjustable sensors to allow for different size and shape labels to be printed. The sensors will also tell the operator when the head is open in addition to when the thermal transfer ribbon is nearing the end.




A 200MHz, 32-Bit Processor increases productivity with the "fast label out" option means there is no delay between labels even when using the internally scalable True Type fonts that are built into the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 internal memory.

The simple to use features on the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 means that loading the printable media and thermal transfer ribbon is extremely easy, quick, and efficient for minimum down time.

The TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 has an internal memory of 4MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM which can be upgraded using the built in SD card slot to expand the memory by up to 4GB.

The range of comapct desktop label printers from Etiquette are easy to setup for maximum efficeincy.
The easy to use features on the 4 inch desktop label printer range make changing labels or other media quick and easy.
The built in label guiding system, makes sure that every label is perfectly printed.
The catches make opening and closing the etiquette range of desktop label printers easy
The innovative design of the etiquette range of desktop printers makes loading print media quick and easy.
The built in SD Card slot allows the end user to upgrade the built in memory by up to 4GB




The TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 are compact labelling machines with the speed, features and media capacity to rival any other desktop label printer available on the market. These label printers are perfect for printing a wide range of barcodes from simplistic to  highly sophisticated.

Thanks to its clamshell design and small footprint the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 can easily be setup at any Point of Sale (POS). With its high speed printing capabilities the Etiquette desktop label printer is perfect for printing POS offers to customers.

Print superior quality labels using the TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 to add on shelf appeal to your products helping them stand-out amongst the competition, by printing professional looking labels.




The versatile TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 is capable of printing receipts and coupons quickly and efficiently thanks to its high print speed capabilities. With the added quality of a desktop label printer from Etiquette your business will be able to process sales more quickly increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Keeping labelling clear and consistent can be a problem when you have so many rules and legislations to comply with. The TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 can print labels to your exact specifications at 203dpi and 300dpi respectively using it’s built in True Type fonts that are internally scalable for print precision and clarity.

Print your own asset labels using a low cost and incredibly adaptable TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310. These highly robust printers offer all in one printing solutions that allow you to protect your assets with hard to remove labels.







The highly flexible TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 can produce variable barcode labels for document management at the touch of a button. The software included with the TC series allows you to add sequential numbering and barcodes with ease, making the process very cost effective.

Your shipping and receiving functions touch many other points in your business. To improve your bottom line, you should be able to mark, track and locate every item that enters and leaves your doors. The TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310 can print barcodes that are customisable, so you can include  numbers, locations, date codes, package configurations or whatever data you need to accurately log and manage your inventory.

Reduce waste and cost by printing inventory tracking labels with a TC 200 / TC 300 / TC 210 / TC 310. By keeping up to speed with your entire incoming and outbound inventory, you can make better decisions to maintain dynamic stock levels that meet the demands of your customers and usage. is part of the Etiquette Network of Websites

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